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The intuitive 'Operating System' for your deskless stakeholder.

One-stop app for CWM, CMMS, EAM and APM

Service and maintenance 3.0

The collaborative way

With FieldOS, solve all the clients’ requests for service and maintenance and empower the deskless workforce the SMART way!

  • Get the Specific problem fast and easy
  • Measure the resources needed to solve it
  • Involve only the team that can Attain the solution
  • Exchange only and all the messages Relevant for the task
  • Solve the problem without wasting anybody’s Time

Service and maintenance 3.0

The Process

FieldOS boosts wrench time by enhancing deskless employee collaboration, increasing it from 35% to the world-class 55%.
Switch all current communication platforms with an efficient mobile app that enables separate request tracking and streamlined data organization.

Service and maintenance 3.0

The People

In 2023 there are 6.92 billion smartphone users in the world (86.41% of the world’s population).
Furthermore, by 2025 72% of all internet users will access the internet exclusively through mobile devices.
Therefore, 2.7 billion workers can benefit from using FieldOS as their sole collaboration tool to fix or have fixed and maintained any asset.
Any deskless asset stakeholder can transmit, ask for feedback, mark steps, save reports, and confirm issue resolution via the mobile one-click interface.

Service and maintenance 3.0

The Reports

Thanks to the data auto-structured by FieldOS, you can set customised reports that will allow you to:

  • Automate work requests
  • Standardise processes
  • Schedule and perform preventive maintenance easier
  • Increase the lifetime of the asset
  • Reduce downtime
  • Count wrench time
  • Confirm results to your clients

Service and maintenance 3.0


FieldOS' Collaborative Work Management system streamlines work order planning, execution, management, and tracking for deskless users, reducing confusion and frustration.
Your company can cut costs, conserve energy, gather work reports, and complete tasks more efficiently and dependably.

Service and maintenance 3.0

No clutter, just get things done!

At the end of the day,

  • no one gets involved in work orders that don’t matter for them;
  • all information about each work order is easily accessible and perfectly streamlined;
  • the deskless employee has no additional stress;
  • the management gets better reports and ROI;
  • the clients are happy because the assets are functional and they feel like you are doing a great job!


Join many other companies, business owners & users that trust FieldOS to streamlime the collaboration between the asset stakeholders.